Access here the recent WrB customer interaction webinar moderated by David Clifton

As previously reported, on 25 September 2019 David Clifton moderated the third in a series of WrB responsible gambling webinars.

Focusing on customer interaction and intervention and entitled Categorizing different kinds of interaction and what they should look like, the webinar can now be accessed free of charge on the WrB Webinar Recordings webpage here.

Those joining David as speakers during the webinar are:

You can also access here the two previous WrB responsible gambling webinars that focused on “Game Design and In-Play Monitoring”, namely:

  1. How to empower and protect the customer through responsible game design and a safe environment and
  2. Evaluating your monitoring process to define your sustainable players and at-risk players

You can still register here for the remaining webinars in the series, namely: