David Clifton

dcDavid Clifton is co-founder with Suzanne Davies of Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited, utilising their extensive past experience as partners at London law firm Joelson Wilson LLP to provide to clients of Clifton Davies a broad base of consulting, gambling law, licensing & regulatory advice at competitive and flexible rates.

In terms of experience:

  • in the licensed trade, David has advised operators of pubs, bars, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, theatres and cinemas
  • in the gambling sphere, he has assisted bookmakers, international casino companies, bingo and AGC operators, gaming machine manufacturers, online betting and gaming operators, gambling software providers and lottery promoters & managers
  • he has handled heavily contested licensing applications on behalf of clients throughout the country and, over a longer sustained period than any other practitioner in this field, has built up an excellent working relationship with the Gambling Commission.

Other specialist areas in which David has extensive experience include:

  • large-scale musical festivals
  • sexual entertainment venues
  • prize competitions
  • all forms of remote gambling licensing & regulation, both in Great Britain and overseas.

An active long-time member of the International Association of Gaming Advisors, David is also well-known as a speaker on licensing & regulatory matters at industry conferences throughout the world. He has been a contributing editor to three of the main sources of reference on licensing and gambling law and is a regular contributor to industry journals and magazines, including publications as diverse as Pub & Bar Magazine, SBC News, iGaming Business and Online Gambling Lawyer. David has experience in providing independent expert witness services in appropriate cases.

Please note that Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited is not a law firm and is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and, in providing his services via Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited, David is not practising as a solicitor regulated by the SRA.