Is an advertising ban on the way in the UK?

David Clifton is interviewed for an eGaming Review Compliance article entitled “Is the UK heading for an advertising ban?”

David answers the following questions:

  • Is advertising of gambling and gambling-related products over-regulated?
  • Are the complaints received by the regulators merely an ersatz way of the industry policing itself
  • Should there be a mechanism for industry firms to report advertising related transgressions by other entities as a way of policing themselves?
  • Are the recent clampdowns on advertising of gambling-related products by regulators all over Europe a sign that the industry needs to change its strategy on advertising?
  • In your opinion what is the best way for the industry to respond to the increased perception that advertising of gambling is reaching saturation levels?

The questions have been largely prompted by the recent speech by Ian Angus, the Gambling Commission’s Programme Director for Consumer Protection & Empowerment who called for “a proper and constructive debate about gambling marketing and advertising, including sponsorship arrangements in sport”, warning that it would be unwise to ignore the “hardening’ public and political attitudes toward gambling advertising”.

The article can be downloaded below.