We regularly write articles for industry and legal journals & magazines, including commentaries for Online Gambling Lawyer & iGaming Business, a monthly “Licensing Expert” piece for SBC News and a fortnightly page for Pub & Bar and, with their permission, are reproducing them on our website, together with our own news items and reports on topical issues affecting the leisure and gambling industries.

Safeguarding children – an ever-increasing priority

In his article for this month’s Pub & Bar magazine legal page entitled “Safeguarding children – an ever-increasing priority” – that can be downloaded below – David Clifton comments on increasing concerns about protecting children from harm in licensed premises. You can follow the links indicated below to access the following documents referred to in David’s article: […]

Call for loot boxes to be regulated as gambling products

The DCMS Select Committee Report on Immersive and Addictive Technologies has now been published online. A summary of the report and its conclusions and recommendations can be downloaded below. You can read here our website posting relating to the launch of the inquiry that has resulted in this report. In the report, the Committee has called for regulation under gambling laws of […]

Customer Interaction Alert

In advance of moderation on 25 September 2019 by David Clifton of the third in a “Responsible Player Journey” series of WrB Responsible Gambling Webinars, entitled “Categorising different kinds of interaction and what they should look like”, WrB has published online a copy of David’s recent article for iGaming Business entitled “Customer Interaction Alert” (that you can download below). It […]

£1.8m fine and additional licence conditions imposed on UK casino operator for AML and customer interaction failings

The Gambling Commission has today published a Decision Notice (a copy of which can be downloaded below) following a review, under section 116 of the Gambling Act 2005, of the operating licence held by London casino operator Silverbond Enterprises Limited trading as Park Lane Club. The Commission’s announcement (that can also be downloaded below) relating to […]

Frozen assets reporting 2019 deadline: 11 October 2019

The Gambling Commission has announced on its website the launch of the annual Frozen Assets Review that is conducted each year by HM Treasury in order to update its records to reflect any changes to accounts during the reporting period. Further information is contained in OFSI’s “Frozen Assets Reporting (2019)” Financial Sanctions Notice, that can be downloaded below. As […]

Is the Gambling Commission’s regulatory enforcement focus shifting to white label providers?

The Gambling Commission has announced that it is reviewing the operating licence of EveryMatrix Software Limited and, in the process, has determined to immediately suspend the ability of EveryMatrix to offer B2C remote betting and casino gaming. It has not suspended its ability to continue its B2B remote gambling software business. Coupled with the Commission’s current review of […]

Panorama – a wider view

In an opinion piece for the September 2019 edition of iGaming Times magazine entitled “Panorama – a wider view”, that you can download here, David Clifton explains why, in his view: Panorama’s recent and carefully edited “Addicted to Gambling” exposé of the now historical failings of certain gambling operators (broadcast by BBC TV on 12 August 2019) gave the misleading impression […]