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Safeguarding children – an ever-increasing priority

In his article for this month’s Pub & Bar magazine legal page entitled “Safeguarding children – an ever-increasing priority” – that can be downloaded below – David Clifton comments on increasing concerns about protecting children from harm in licensed premises. You can follow the links indicated below to access the following documents referred to in David’s article: […]

Customer Interaction Alert

In advance of moderation on 25 September 2019 by David Clifton of the third in a “Responsible Player Journey” series of WrB Responsible Gambling Webinars, entitled “Categorising different kinds of interaction and what they should look like”, WrB has published online a copy of David’s recent article for iGaming Business entitled “Customer Interaction Alert” (that you can download below). It […]

Panorama – a wider view

In an opinion piece for the September 2019 edition of iGaming Times magazine entitled “Panorama – a wider view”, that you can download here, David Clifton explains why, in his view: Panorama’s recent and carefully edited “Addicted to Gambling” exposé of the now historical failings of certain gambling operators (broadcast by BBC TV on 12 August 2019) gave the misleading impression […]

Spotlight on upcoming customer interaction changes

David Clifton’s Licensing Expert article for SBC News published today is entitled “Spotlight on upcoming customer interaction changes”. It particularly focuses on the Gambling Commission’s guidance for both remote and non-remote gambling operators that its licence-holders (with the exception of holders of non-remote lottery, gaming machine technical, gambling software and host licences) will be obliged to take into account when […]

Major Customer Interaction Changes Afoot

In an article for this month’s Casino Life entitled “Major Customer Interaction Changes Afoot” (that can be downloaded below), David Clifton explains the consequences for UK land-based casinos of forthcoming new customer interaction requirements, that will be implemented on 31 October 2019 when changes to the Gambling Commission’s LCCP customer interaction provisions come into force. We have […]

David Clifton comments on BBC News item regarding gambling complaints

David Clifton is quoted in an EGR Intel article entitled “No plans to introduce online staking limits, says Gambling Commission” (that can be downloaded below) reporting on both: a BBC News item published yesterday entitled “Gambling Companies See Huge Rise in Complaints” and  the subsequent BBC Panorama TV programme entitled “Addicted to Gambling” broadcast yesterday evening. David’s comments […]

Top Five pledge poses big challenge for small firms

Comments by David Clifton feature in two separate articles in this month’s iGaming Times. The first article (entitled “Top Five pledge poses big challenge for small firms”), is on pages 2 & 3. David is quoted at various points within an article that takes its cue from our website posting in July 2019 entitled “Smaller operators […]

Stop making that noise (or should you really?)

In her article for this month’s legal page for Pub & Bar magazine entitled “Stop making that noise (or should you really?)” – that can be downloaded below – Suzanne Davies hails the use of common sense in a recent court judgment quashing a noise abatement notice that had been imposed by Guildford Borough Council on The Star Inn, a […]

Pondering the plastic

In this month’s Licensing Expert article for SBC News (entitled “Pondering the plastic”), David Clifton delves deeper into the Gambling Commission’s recent announcement that it will be holding a twelve-week consultation (commencing in mid-August 2019) on the issue of gambling online with credit cards. In the article (that can be downloaded below), David suggests that, whilst opponents to such […]

The RET Funding Conundrum

An article by David Clifton entitled “The RET Funding Conundrum” has been published today by U.S. based CDC Gaming Reports as part of its regular Tottenham Report feature. You can download it below. In his article, David: explains the background to the voluntary “RET” (i.e. problem gambling research, education, and treatment) donation-based system that is underpinned by the UK Gambling […]