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Online Gambling Lawyer quotes David Clifton on 888 record penalty

David Clifton is quoted in the main news article for the September 2017 edition of “Online Gambling Lawyer” entitled “888 to pay record £7.8 million penalty package after Gambling Commission finds failings around vulnerable customers” which can be accessed here You can read our own website piece on this subject here. It also features in David’s most recent […]

Negative impact of FCA warning on future gambling-related ICO plans

David Clifton is quoted in a Gambling Compliance article by Scott Longley entitled “Isle of Man to Consider ICO Warning Following UK’s Lead”. The FCA has highlighted the risks involved in ICOs. This chimes with the views of the Gambling Commission, that has separately cautioned against the history of hacking, theft and criminal activity often associated with […]

Raising standards nearly one year on

David Clifton writes for Casino Life about the positive steps taken by the UK’s land-based casino industry to accelerate the pace of change since last November’s Gambling Commission Raising Standards conference. His article can be downloaded below. Included in the examples of the ways in which this sector of the gambling industry is taking its […]

Assessing a month of mounting challenges for the betting industry

In September’s “Licensing Expert“ article for SBC News (that can be downloaded below), David Clifton comments on three standout stories in the betting licensing and regulatory sphere from the last month. There is a common social responsibility thread running through all three: the recent research findings into gambling behaviour in Great Britain commissioned by the Gambling Commission, […]

David Clifton comments on Sky Bet’s affiliate hub closure

David Clifton and others from the Betting on Sports 2017 panel in which he is participating next Wednesday are quoted in an SBC News article entitled “Sky Bet’s affiliate hub closure due to increasingly tough enforcement stances” that can also be downloaded below. Our own further comment on this issue can be found here.

Don’t gamble on your affiliates

In this month’s “Licensing Expert” article for SBC News (that can be downloaded below), David Clifton focuses on the fact that licensed gambling operators can be left carrying the can for failings by their affiliates not only under the Gambling Commission’s LCCP but otherwise. He recommends that marketing teams within such operators’ businesses spend a bit of time […]