Changes to Gambling Commission online service

Two important communications are contained in today’s fortnightly e-Bulletin from the Commission.

The first is entitled “Update – Do it online: All services moving online from 1 November 2019” and states as follows:

In September we informed you that from 1 November 2019 we will no longer accept hard or emailed copies of applications that can be made online.

We have decided to delay implementation until Spring 2020 and will keep you informed of timescales nearer the time.

The second is entitled “New Online service for personal licence holders” and states as follows:

New Online service for personal licence holders

The new Manage your personal licence service will be going live before the end of November and will replace current Personal eServices for personal licence holders.

It will allow you (a personal licence holder) to:

  • view and change your details such as phone number, home address, email address and password
  • report a key event and submit notifications
  • download a copy of your personal licence
  • surrender your personal licence
  • maintain your personal licence

Personal eServices will remain open until the day the new service is live.  We will let you know when the new service is live and explain how you can get access.

What you should do if your maintenance is due

If you have received a maintenance pack in the post recently, submit your application and make payment in the normal way through Personal eServices.  Make sure that you submit your application within the next three weeks, as Personal eServices will be closed down when the new service goes live.

Applications will only be accepted with payment – any applications made without payment will result in your licence being revoked.

If you do not submit your application by the time Personal eServices closes down, we will be unable to recover any information that may have been entered in the service and you will need to start again in the new Manage your personal licence service when it goes live.

If you have already submitted your maintenance form and made payment, you do not need to do anything further.  Your maintenance application will be processed, and a member of the Licensing team will contact you if they need anything further from you.

Once your maintenance application has been processed, you will receive a letter from the Licensing team informing you of the outcome.

What you should do

It is important that your personal details are correct and up to date as we will be using your email address and mobile phone number to contact you when the new service is about to go live.  Log into Personal eServices if you need to make any changes to your personal details.

Payment for maintenance

The fee for a maintenance application is:

  • £145 for a personal functional licence
  • £370 for a personal management licence

Payment for maintenance application can currently be made in one of the following ways:

  • online via eServices for personal licence holders
  • via BACS directly to the Commission’s bank account.

Please note that if we do not receive payment for your maintenance application, you are at risk of having your licence revoked.

What you can do to prepare

There will be a series of workshops available for personal licensees and gambling employers.  These sessions will be held at Victoria Square House.  You can book your slot via Eventbrite.

If you have any questions about this information, contact us via