Collaboration – The Key to Raising Standards

The Q1 2019 edition of Casino & Gaming International – publication of which has coincided with ICE London – contains an article by David Clifton entitled “Collaboration – The Key to Raising Standards!”.

David’s article (that can be downloaded below) explains the background to the UK Gambling Commission’s call for greater collaboration by sharing ideas, best practice and lessons learned to reduce harm and raise standards, together with examples of how such collaboration is occurring in practice.

The article concludes as follows:

Genuine two-way collaboration between the gambling industry and its principal regulator (and a clearly expressed appreciation by both parties of that collaboration) must be a sensible way of seeking to ensure that the regulatory stick more often than not is able to give way to the regulatory carrot.

Collaboration and sharing of learning and best practice between different sectors within the gambling industry (casino, bingo, gaming machine, betting, lottery, online and land-based) has to be more productive for all concerned than each sector fighting its own corner.

Very recent examples of further collaborative efforts are to be found within:

David has written elsewhere on this particular subject, including in last June’s monthly SBC News Licensing Expert article, entitled “Collaboration” – the name of the game”.