Cost and performance benchmarking for pubs

Those operating, or looking to operate, a pub or bar will be assisted greatly by two separate benchmarking guides published in the last two days by each of the BBPA and the ALMR.

The BBPA’s “Running a pub” guide provides the latest data for tenants and lessees on typical operating costs in the UK pub industry and shows the average and range of costs in running a pub over a variety of pub models based on turnover and business types, including food and wet led models. It can be downloaded below.

The eleventh edition of the ALMR “Benchmarking Report”, produced in conjunction with Christie & Co (highlights of which can be downloaded below), benchmarks operating costs, market trends and sector performance and shows operating costs passing the 50% mark for the first time in the survey’s history, with growth across the sector continuing to slow. Operating costs across all trading styles now stand at 51.5% of turnover, with growth across the entire survey at 1.1%. The AMLR states that it:

  • “also underlines increased operating costs and tightening margins have highlighted the importance of support for the sector and the need for clarity over Brexit” and
  • “highlights areas of positivity, with licensed accommodation, the success story of last year’s Report, growing at 5.1%; and nightclubs experiencing resurgence with 3.6% growth”.