David Clifton quoted in International Sports Law book

contentIt has been brought to our attention that David Clifton is quoted (from an article entitled “The UK gambles on its future”) on page 183 of the Handbook on International Sports Law, details of which can be found here. It refers to David’s comment that the “express goal” of the Gambling Act 2005 was to “strike an appropriate balance between increasing consumer choice for adults, affording greater protection for the minority who have problems with their gambling and ensuring that those  who provide commercial gambling observe high standards of probity and social responsibility”.

David himself has been a contributing editor to:

  • Smith & Monkcom: The Law of Betting, Gaming & Lotteries, 2nd edition (Butterworths)

and, with Suzanne Davies, to:

  • Halsburys Laws of England, Betting, Gaming & Lotteries volume, 4th edition re-issue (Butterworths)
  • Smith & Monkcom: The Law of Gambling, 3rd edition (Tottel)
  • Philip Kolvin: Licensed Premises: Law & Practice, 1st edition (Tottel)