The effect of gambling advertising on children

On 14 September 2017, the House of Lords debated (and approved) a motion moved by Lord Chadlington (Conservative) that “this House takes note of the effect of gambling advertisements on children”. 

Lord Chadlington called on the Government to ask itself the following four questions as they review the gambling industry:

  1. Should there be any gambling commercials during sporting events? Should children be exposed to these advertisements? Does the 9 pm watershed provide adequate protection to young people in the light of changed viewing patterns and online viewing?
  2. Is there a need for more reliable research, particularly on the online gambling industry and its potential effect on children?
  3. Should the health warning on gambling commercials be strengthened to make the risks gambling can present absolutely clear (so that if a child sees an advertisement for gambling, he or she also sees a clear, contextualised statement of the risks gambling can present)?
  4. Will the Government rethink the voluntary contribution by gambling companies of 0.1% of their profits to GambleAware? Could we not do more in this area?

You can download below:

  • a House of Lords Library Briefing that provides an overview of how gambling advertising is regulated, particularly with regard to protecting children, and includes a summary of statistics and comment on the issue, and
  • the House of Lords Hansard transcript of the debate