GambleAware publishes its Strategic Delivery Plan 2018-2020

GambleAware – an independent charity tasked to fund research, education and treatment services to help to reduce gambling-related harms in Great Britain – has published its Strategic Delivery Plan 2018-2020 (that can be downloaded below), outlining its strategic priorities for the next two years.

It has also published the following letter from the Chair of its Board of Trustees, Kate Lampard CBE:

Dear all,

With your financial support and generosity, we have achieved £9.4 million in voluntary donations for the 12 months ending 31 March 2018. This total represents a 16% increase on the previous year.

Although the total raised was less than the minimum target of £10 million set by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB), the industry’s response has been encouraging and we are now actively raising funds for 2018-19 (year ending 31 March 2019).

As you know, GambleAware is recognised by the Gambling Commission as an independent organisation with a formal commitment to commission research, education and treatment in accordance with the National Responsible Gambling Strategy. Our commissioning plans are developed in collaboration with RGSB and the Gambling Commission, and this month we have published our updated delivery plans to make clear our strategic priorities for the next two years.

We are working to double our annual expenditure to £16 million, taking into account recent voluntary settlement payments made by operators following Gambling Commission enforcement actions. Our vision is that fewer people in Britain suffer from gambling-related harms. We work to achieve this by making it our mission to:

broaden public understanding of gambling- related harms, in particular as a public health issue;

advance the cause of harm-prevention so as to help build resilience, in particular in relation to the young and those most vulnerable to gambling-related harms; and

help those who do develop gambling-related problems get the support that they need quickly and effectively.

A core strategic aim is to collaborate with national partners such as Citizens’ Advice, Royal Society for Public Health and others to help maximise the effectiveness and efficiency in the services and activities we commission and fund. Evaluating the impact of our funding will inform future funding decisions.

We welcome the Gambling Commission’s review of the current arrangements for funding research, education and treatment (RET). We hope it will lead to an increased and more reliable source of funding for our commissioning of the core elements of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy, and will allow for additional, innovative contributions from other third sector and government bodies.

In the meantime, our priority is to ensure that sufficient core funding is raised through the current voluntary system and is strategically allocated in accordance with the priorities set out in the National Responsible Gambling Strategy.

To achieve this, we ask all those who profit from gambling in Britain to donate annually a minimum of 0.1% of annual Gross Gaming Yield (GGY) directly to GambleAware as this would ensure we raise the money necessary to deliver our spending plans for the next two years.

We do not seek to restrict what donations may be made to other ‘safer gambling’ initiatives or organisations. The suggested contribution of 0.1% of annual GGY to GambleAware does not, and has never been intended to, indicate the recommended overall contribution that individual operators, or the industry as a whole, should make towards RET. Future funding requirements are likely to increase significantly as we all gain a better understanding of appropriate treatment provision, and of what an effective education and prevention programme looks like.

Full details of how and when donations can be made are available on our website. This year, we have asked all those donating more than £1,000 to pledge their support by 30 June 2018 even if they intend to make the donation later in the year, and for those donating over £250,000 to commit to quarterly payments if they prefer not to make payments in full. This is necessary to ensure our charity has certainty that it can meet its financial obligations to those organisations it has commissioned, and commit to future investment in research, education and treatment services and activities.

In the last two years, we have demonstrated our independence, strengthened governance arrangements, increased capacity, and sharpened our focus. We now have a solid foundation to deliver our commissioning plans more efficiently and more effectively. The goal is to close the gap between the number of those getting treatment and those who need it by increasing the range, quality and quantity of early interventions and treatment, and by preventing people from getting into difficulty in the first place.

On behalf of all those that benefit from your funding, thank you. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively to reduce gambling-related harms across Britain.

Best wishes,

Kate Lampard CBE, Chair of the Board of Trustees