Gambling advertising regulation in Great Britain

On 10 November 2017, the House of Commons Library published a briefing paper (that can be downloaded below) that summarises the current position relating to gambling advertising in Great Britain. This follows the announcement by DCMS on 31 October 2017 of a range of proposals to strengthen protections around gambling. These include the following on gambling advertising:

  • The Committee of Advertising Practice to produce new guidance to help protect those at risk of problem gambling, children and young people, by ensuring that the content of gambling adverts does not encourage impulsive or socially irresponsible gambling.
  • The Gambling Commission to encourage social media companies, with GambleAware support, to develop user-friendly guides on how people can limit their exposure to gambling advertising by using settings and preferences within the platforms.
  • GambleAware, broadcasters and gambling industry groups to draw up a two year responsible gambling advertising campaign.
  • New research, commissioned by GambleAware, on the effects of marketing and advertising on children, young people and vulnerable groups.

As previously reported, a consultation on the proposals closes on 23 January 2018.