Gambling Commission online application service not available between 13 March and 6 April 2017

Gambling Commission_8All potential applicants for a Gambling Commission licence should note the following announcement that has been published on its website:

“From 6 April we will only accept applications for a new licence through our online system.

We will be making improvements to application online to make this easier, so the system will not be available from Monday 13 March through to Thursday 6 April.

Any application that has not been fully submitted by 13 March, will be lost and a new application will need to be made after 6 April”.

We are accordingly recommending that if you do not submit your licence application by 13 March, to avoid having to start drafting the application completely afresh, you should save remotely from the Commission’s website what you have already drafted.

UPDATE 14.03.17: In accordance with the above announcement, the Commission’s website now states as follows:

“This website is currently being upgraded.

We anticipate a return to normal operations on 06 April 2017

Thank you for your patience while additional features are added to this website”.