GREO work to be funded by gambling operators’ monies raised from regulatory settlements

As announced on its website, the Gambling Commission has appointed independent research dissemination specialist Gambling Research Exchange (“GREO”) to a key role in support the Commission’s National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms.

The announcement goes on to say as follows:

GREO will develop a programme of activity to support the new strategy’s two priority areas – Prevention and Education, and Treatment and Support, and will focus on the dissemination of research, applying research to policy and international collaboration.

Tim Miller, executive director at the Gambling Commission said: “The new role for GREO to support the National Strategy is a perfect example of the collaboration we called for in the Strategy. GREO is a well-respected independent research organisation with a wealth of experience in gambling research and dissemination. Ultimately, their expertise, networks and insight will help us and our partners to accelerate progress over the next three years.”

Trudy Smit Quosai from Gambling Research Exchange added: “We are thrilled to announce our work as part of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. It means we will be working with the best thinkers around the world to help tackle the issue and provide independent, evidence-based research to support the strategy’s priorities.”

Gambling operators licensed in the UK will also take note of the Commission’s final comment in its announcement, namely: “Funding for the work will come from Gambling Commission regulatory settlements”.