MGA publishes guidance on the licensing & regulatory impact of Brexit

The Malta Gaming Authority has published guidelines (that can be downloaded below) in preparation of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

Introducing the guidelines, the MGA states as follows:

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide an indication of the potential impact on the gaming industry operating in or from Malta, and the transitory measures that may be availed of in order to ensure minimal impact on regulatory efficiency and the ongoing business. These guidelines only relate to regulatory matters falling within the remit of the Malta Gaming Authority, however entities should seek advice and inform themselves of other areas that may impact business, including but not limited to data protection, immigration, employment, duty and copyright matters.

These guidelines represent essential and urgent reading material for all UK businesses currently holding an MGA licence. The guidelines cover the following matters:

  1. Regulation 10 of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations (S.L. 583.05), that prescribes a pre-requisite that a person that holds a licence must be a person established within the European Economic Area
  2. Regulation 22 of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations, that prescribes an obligation on entities providing a gaming service, or a critical gaming supply in or from Malta, without having a licence issued by the MGA, but with a licence issued by another Member State of the EU or the EEA, to apply for a recognition notice with the MGA.
  3. Ancillary matters