PPL consults on changes to its Specially Featured Entertainment tariff

Established in 1934 to ensure that those who invest their time, talent and money to make recorded music are fairly paid for their work, PPL licenses recorded music played in public or broadcast and then distributes the licence fees to its performer and recording rights-holder members.

It is consulting on potential changes to its “Specially Featured Entertainment” (or “SFE”) tariff, which covers the playing of recorded music at events such as discos and DJ nights. The consultation relates to a potential new SFE tariff for nightclubs, pubs and bars, restaurants and cafés, and hotels. Details are contained within the consultation document, that can be downloaded below.

PPL chief executive Peter Leathem is quoted as saying: “Through licensing the use of recorded music at SFE events, we are keen to see our repertoire continue to support and drive entertainment within the hospitality sector. In an environment where recorded music forms a very significant part of the business proposition, it is important those who invested their time and talent in creating such music are fairly rewarded. We therefore welcome responses from our licensees to help us finalise our views on a potential new SFE tariff.”

The deadline for responses is 28 September 2018. PPL will welcome your feedback on its current thinking about how to revise the SFE tariff. It invites comments (supported, where possible, by evidence) on the following:

  1. its current thinking about the scope of a revised SFE tariff (see Section 3)
  2. its current thinking about the structure of a revised SFE tariff (see Section 4)
  3. its current thinking about the fees under a revised SFE tariff (see Section 5) and
  4. its current thinking about implementation of a revised SFE tariff (see Section 6).

You can respond:

  • using the consultation response form available from PPL’s website at www.ppluk.com/SFEreview,
  • by email to [email protected] or
  • by post to SFE Tariff Review, PPL, 1 Upper James Street London W1F 9DE