Preparation for the next UK National Lottery competition gathers pace

As reported on its website, on 16 November 2018 the Gambling Commission began its initial, global market engagement to hear from businesses and investors interested in the UK National Lottery, when the current licence comes to an end in 2023. The Commission’s CEO, Neil McArthur, talked in a blog published on the same day about the next competition to run the National Lottery.

In a speech delivered by Neil McArthur (pictured above) on 7 March 2019, the Commission has called upon the media, telecoms and technology industries to help bring innovation to the next National Lottery licence. This is reported as follows on the Commission’s website:

Speaking at the Media & Telecoms 2019 & Beyond event in London, the Gambling Commission’s Chief Executive, Neil McArthur, addressed more than 450 key players from some of the world’s leading media and communications businesses.

The event was the largest platform for the licence competition since the launch of its initial market engagement in November 2018 and was a clear sign that the Gambling Commission is seeking to capitalise on the innovation expertise.

In his speech, Neil McArthur told delegates: “The National Lottery has been an incredible success and its potential is huge.  Harnessing technology, understanding consumer behaviour and innovating to keep players engaged and safe are the keys to unlocking that potential.

“When I look around this room, I see lots of pioneers and innovators.  I see a room full of people who will have a vision of what the future may look like in their field of expertise.  And I’d like you to share your thoughts with me and my colleagues, so we can get a clearer view of what the world might look like in 2023 and beyond.”

To coincide with the speech, the Commission began a marketing drive to engage organisations from all industries, including the finance, media, telecoms and technology sectors, to invite them to join the conversation and listen to their ideas for the next licence as we prepare for the competition launch early next year.

The full text of Neil McArthur’s speech can be downloaded below, together with his November 2018 blog.