Proposed Gambling Commission fees from April 2017

Gambling Commission_8Having considered the responses to a joint consultation on proposals for Gambling Commission fees, DCMS and the Commission have made a number of amendments to their original proposals. These are detailed within the newly published DCMS responses document: Proposals for Gambling Commission fees from April 2017 – consultation response”. Our summary can be downloaded below.

It is also proposed to introduce the following new types of remote operating licence, further details of which, and the applicable fees and LCCP provisions, are set out within the DCMS responses document:

  • game host (casino) operating licence,
  • game host (bingo) operating licence,
  • betting host (general betting (standard) real events) operating licence and
  • betting host (general betting (standard) virtual events) operating licence.

See also David Clifton’s SBC News article on this subject “Not only changed licensing fees but also a new type of licence”.