Remember this November as the month that changed gambling (in the UK at least)

In his monthly “Licensing Expert” article for SBC News entitled “Remember this November as the month that changed gambling” (that you can download below), David Clifton comments not only on today’s announcement of:

but also on the following news from the last month or so:

  1. the earlier financial penalties totalling some £10 million incurred by four other operators for AML and/or social responsibility failings,
  2. Responsible Gambling Week and GamStop’s announcement that, even ahead of its official launch, 38,000 people had already registered with it,
  3. the Government’s decision to bring forward from October 2019 to April next year implementation of (a) the FOBT maximum stake reduction from £100 to £2 and (b) the increase in the rate of remote gaming duty from 15% to 21%,
  4. Sky UK’s recent contribution to the ongoing gambling advertising debate (plus a recent research finding that gambling companies spend five times more on their marketing online than they do on marketing on television),
  5. the increase in gambling participation by 11 to 16 year olds revealed in the recently published Young People & Gaming Report 2018 and a 90% failure rate by pubs in relation to under-age play on their Category C gaming machines,
  6. the calls for (a) greater collaboration between different sectors of the gambling industry and (b) greater still consumer protection compliance by online gambling operators, made at the Commission’s Raising Standards conference,
  7. the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive that will come hard on the heels of the 5th such Directive, both of which must be transposed into national law during 2020,
  8. the recently introduced LCCP changes and the Gambling Commission’s new Complaints & Disputes guidance, and
  9. UK High Court proceedings involving (a) Betfred and (b) EU Lotto, Lottoland Europe and Multi Lotto UK.

What a month it’s been!