Spring forward!

With British Summer Time starting at 1am on Sunday 31 March 2019, it will be time to put the clocks forward one hour then.

In an online news posting (that can also be downloaded below), Suzanne Davies explains for Pub & Bar readers what the licensing repercussions of the hour change will be for those late night operators:

  • who normally trade until 2am or later on Saturday nights and
  • whose premises licence makes no specific allowance to automatically extend their licensing hours for all relevant licensable activities on that night.

If no such allowance is made, they will lose an hour’s trading unless they get their skates on with submission of a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). The deadline for that this year, given the 10 clear working days’ notice required, is Friday 15 March 2019. If they don’t manage that, they could use a Late TEN, for which the deadline would be Friday 22 March 2019. However, anyone affected must remember that they won’t qualify for a TEN unless:

(a) they are within their annual allowance of 15 TENs (or, as the case may be, 10 Late TENs) per year and

(b) no more than 499 people, including staff (and performers if any) will be present in their premises at the time in question.

Download article PDF: Pub & Bar - Spring forward 05.03.19