Status quo on gaming machines in pubs and bars

David Clifton reports on the outcome of the government’s review of proposals for changes to gaming machine entitlements, stakes and prizes, including for gaming machines in pubs and bars. The results of that review coincided with announcement of a public consultation on the same subject, that is running until tomorrow 23 January. Insofar as gaming machines are concerned, the outcome of that consultation will be focussed primarily on FOBTs in retail betting offices and we anticipate that the status quo will be maintained for gaming machines in pubs and bars.

Update: Since writing this article, each of the ALMR and the BBPA have responded to the above-mentioned consultation and have published press releases that can be viewed here.


Pub & Bar magazine to be published monthly, rather than fortnightly, in future

We have been contributing the Legal Page of Pub & Bar since it was launched in 2011 as a fortnightly magazine. Today’s edition – the 159th – contains the following announcement by the Group Editor that the magazine will now be published once a month, meaning that a copy of the Legal Page will appear on our website on a monthly basis in future.

Brand evolution

Aren’t new years a funny thing? What is it about the transition from December to January that impels the need and longing for change? Whether it’s no booze, more booze, vegan diets or a crack at the Atkins, for some reason the start of a calendar year sparks widespread alterations.

Well, it’s our turn to roll with the resolutions as we once again look to progress the Pub & Bar brand for the greater good. Which, really, is what it has become – it’s no longer just a magazine. Since we launched this title back in the heady days of 2011, the years have seen a humble product evolve into a multifaceted brand. With the physical edition spearheading all of our associated activity, we’ve launched websites, YouTube channels, conferences, awards, competitions, supplements, and bespoke events for our clients and readership, not to mention ensuring that we’re continually engaging with some 26,000 of you via our Twitter page. In the world of B2B publishing, these extra platforms of communication that serve to complement the magazine (the core of Pub & Bar) are an absolute necessity when inspiring and motivating one of the most fast-paced and energetic industries in the world. We want to engage with our readership through every possible medium.

As we brought 2017 to a close with our 158th issue, we too looked at the start of another year as a fitting time to take a progressive step forward. Just like your own businesses, we know that our products have to keep moving in order to remain relevant to our target audience – you. To do this, Pub & Bar magazine will start landing on your desk once a month in order for our team to put greater efforts behind a number of the aforementioned products – the National Pub & Bar Awards in May, for example, will be our biggest year yet (entries are now open), and will be closely followed by another insight-packed Pub Goers Conference. Then there’s the digital growth, of course. Do I really need to explain the importance of online communications to the modern on-trade? I didn’t think so.

So here’s to another stage of brand evolution! We’re delighted you’re joining us on this next phase of the Pub & Bar journey, and I look forward to working with you all for the rest of 2018 and the years to come. We’ll see you in February.

Tristan O’Hana – Group Editor