The Industry Standard

An article by David Clifton entitled “The Industry Standard” (carrying the opening summary that “a tough year may be over, but the sector needs to come together to face the continuing, and not unrelated, challenges of 2019”) features in the ICE 2019 edition of iGaming Business.

The article (that can can be downloaded below) concludes with David’s following recommendation for all sectors of the UK’s gambling industry:

Unite together with a view to creating precisely the type of targeted collaboration that the Gambling Commission is calling for. There is a need to focus on pressing priorities, such as improving the effectiveness of data management in detecting problem gambling, identifying best practice in customer interactions and supporting (or, better still, actually originating) initiatives like the new debit card tools that can be used to block gambling. If this happens, I feel sure there will be good reason for chief executives to stand up for the industry and proclaim with pride that the consumer really does come first in all respects.