To vape or not to vape: that is the question

In her article for this month’s “Legal” page for Pub & Bar Magazine entitled “To vape or not to vape: that is the question” (that can be downloaded below), Suzanne Davies wonders whether a change in Government policy on e-cigarettes may affect pubs’ vaping rules.

You will find in edition 110 of Pub & Bar the following related Q&A on the “Legal” page:

Q: Can we allow customers to use electronic shisha pens or e-hookahs in our bar in the same way we allow e-cigarettes?

A: E-shishas (sometimes called e-hookahs) offer a variety of fruit flavours. Many people wrongly think the distinction between what is and is not lawful depends on whether tobacco or nicotine is involved. That is not so. Use of e-shishas should be permissible as long as, like e-cigarettes, they are not “lit” and unlike smoking products that are lit, they use an atomizer to heat up an e-liquid that produces merely a water vapour, rather than smoke. That is why the expression “vaping” has come to be used instead of “smoking”.