Virtual currencies, eSports and social gaming – discussion paper

Gambling Commission_8On 11 August 2016 the Gambling Commission published a discussion paper which it described as “setting out its latest thinking on virtual currencies, eSports and social gaming and seeking views on emerging issues that can pose a risk to both regulation and player protection”.

The paper also explains (by way of three separate “illustrative” flowcharts) the approach that the Commission adopts when distinguishing between activities that need to be licensed and those that do not, although it is emphasised that the flowcharts are not intended to replace the need for legal advice.

The Commission states that the discussion paper has been prepared in response to:

  • new issues raised by the growth in the market for gambling on eSports,
  • technological developments and the expansion of digital or virtual currencies meaning that some social gaming products may be offering facilities for gambling, and
  • the blurring of lines between some social gaming products and gambling.

The discussion paper, that can be downloaded below, sets out a number of specific questions but invites respondents to add any relevant comments in relation to their “views and reasoning” on the topics covered in the paper. Responses in writing are requested by 30 September 2016 by email to [email protected]