So – will affiliate marketing disappear by 2020?

Yesterday, 18 July 2018, David Clifton participated in a debate on the topic “Affiliate marketing will disappear by 2020” as part of the “Counsel” debate sessions at the iGBLive! Conference in Amsterdam. The other main speaker participants were Disa Stig (Head of Affiliates at Goliath Limited) and Michal Kopec (Head of M&A at Better Collective) – pictured left and centre below respectively.

You can download below an outline of the matters referred to in the answers given by David to the following questions posed during the debate by the moderator, Rick van der Kleij, including:

  • How do operators need to work better with affiliates?
  • Will regulation ever be too much of an inhibitor for affiliates?
  • What can the whole industry do to create a better relationship?

David’s own conclusion was that in well-regulated jurisdictions, affiliate marketing will disappear in the form we have known it, and that will happen before 2020. However, he sincerely hopes that some affiliates will sufficiently raise their standards to survive and prosper well beyond 2020. The key to that will be the fostering of a better relationship between affiliates and operators and also between operators and regulators.

However, overall the audience was more optimistic because the “Affiliate marketing will disappear by 2020” motion was defeated by a large majority of those who attended and participated in the debate from the floor.

Download article PDF: David Clifton - iGB Live July 2018