Archive | June, 2016

New gambling statistics released

The Gambling Commission has released statistics – accessible via the links at – that provide an up-to-date picture of the gambling industry in Great Britain – including almost a year’s worth of data from all operators offering online gambling.

Warning about facilitating betting on TV programmes or other novelty markets

The Gambling Commission has issued a warning to betting operators who facilitate betting on pre-recorded television programmes (such as the Great British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing) or other novelty markets, following media reports that suggest issues of integrity have arisen. The Commission says that this media reporting “appears to have originated from the operators […]

UK Brexit Effects On Gambling and UK Gaming Stocks

Comments made by David Clifton earlier this month whilst he moderated the European Update panel session at the IAGA Summit in Malta are quoted on: the Canadian Grizzly Gambling website in an article entitled “UK Brexit Referendum and what it means for gambling and UK gaming stocks” and a article entitled “Time to exit […]

The Broken Code

Suzanne Davies discusses with Andrew Clissold of Joelson Solicitors the delay in implementation of the long-awaited Pubs Code due to drafting errors in the Regulations designed to bring it into force. Update: Since this article (that can be downloaded below) was written, the above-mentioned errors have been addressed in revised draft Regulations although a […]

Bitcoin gambling runs into familiar obstacles

David Clifton is quoted by Scott Longley in his article for SBC News Bitcoin gambling runs into familiar obstacles that can be downloaded below. See also what we have previously said on the subject of Bitcoin at

Brexit, Betting and Money Laundering

Roy Ramm, Managing Director of Extrayard Limited, writes for Totally Gaming about the delayed HM Treasury consultation on the new UK regulations to give force to the 4th EU Money Laundering Directive and expresses his agreement with views expressed by David Clifton on the impact of a Brexit vote in his recent article for SBC News […]

Imminent deadline to respond to digital advertising consultation

The deadline to respond to the Gambling Commission’s consultation entitled “Placing digital adverts responsibly” (that can be downloaded below) expires on 20 June. It relates to just one new licence condition proposal, the effect of which would be to require licensees to ensure that their advertisements do not appear on websites providing unauthorised access to […]