Archive | April, 2018

ASA finds PokerStars TV ad to be socially irresponsible

Hot on the heels of the Committees of Advertising Practice’s new tougher standards of gambling advertising comes an Advertising Standards Authority ruling announced today (that can be downloaded below), concluding that a TV advertisement for PokerStars seen on 26 October 2017 portrayed gambling behaviour that was socially irresponsible and in the context of recklessness and therefore was in […]

Updated LCCP come into effect today

The Gambling Commission’s updated Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (“LCCP”) have come into effect today (and can be downloaded below). We have previously reported on the changes that they introduce, but the key changes are also set out in the Commission’s own summary (that can also be downloaded below).

New gambling advertising standards in force from today

Gambling operators are reminded that the new tougher standards on gambling advertising (on which we have reported previously) have come into effect today, intended to: restrict ads that create an inappropriate sense of urgency like those including “Bet Now!” offers during live events curb trivialisation of gambling (e.g. encouraging repetitive play) prevent approaches that give an irresponsible perception […]