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Tackling problem gambling – what is effective?

In an article for SBC Americas entitled “Tackling problem gambling – what is effective?” (that can be downloaded below), Suzanne Davies talks about some of the big issues around responsible gambling and her objectives when she moderates a panel session bearing the same title at the forthcoming Betting on Sports America conference in New Jersey, USA.  As mentioned […]

New academic report recommends tobacco-style gambling advertising restrictions

The findings of an academic study of young people and adults have been published in a report entitled “Recall and awareness of gambling advertising and sponsorship in sport in the UK” that has been published in the Harm Reduction Journal. The report seems bound to provoke considerable further debate about whether more restrictive gambling advertising controls should […]

New technology identifies gambling ads displayed to under 18s

Hot on the heels of new gambling advertising standards to protect under 18s that came into force on 1 April 2019, the Advertising Standards Authority has announced that it has used new monitoring technology in the form of child ‘avatars’ – online profiles which simulate children’s browsing activity – to identify gambling ads that children see online. Arising from […]

Operator closures raise questions on voiding bets

In this month’s Licensing Expert article for SBC News, entitled “Operator closures raise questions on voiding bets”, David Clifton looks behind the recent cessation of trading in the UK of two licensed betting operators, BetBright and 188BET, and addresses questions that go to the heart of both (a) the contract between bookmaker and customer and (b) the […]

Paddy Power and Betfred may face regulatory action regarding FOBT replacements

We reported on 29 March that, in advance of the £2 maximum stake limit on FOBTs being implemented, the Gambling Commission had written to bookmakers to remind them of their responsibilities in ensuring consumers are protected. We added an update to that website posting on 1 April, commenting on a Guardian article concerning: new high-staking “games” launched by Paddy Power […]

New gambling advertising standards to protect under 18s come into force today

As we have previously reported, the Committee of Advertising Practice have introduced new guidance on “Gambling advertising: protecting children and young people” to help interpret CAP and BCAP’s gambling rules as they relate to the protection of children (aged 0-15) and young people (16 and 17). The new guidance applies to marketing communications appearing in all media, including […]

RGSB renamed “Advisory Board for Safer Gambling”

It has been announced on both the RGSB website and the Gambling Commission website that the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board has been renamed the “Advisory Board for Safer Gambling”. The announcement, that also confirms the new National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms will be launched by the Gambling Commission on 25 April 2019, reads as follows: Ahead of […]