Archive | November, 2021

UK licensed casino operators should take note of newly published HM Treasury annual AML/CTF Supervision Report 2019-20

HM Treasury has published its annual Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Supervision Report 2019-20 (that you can download below). Commenting on this, the Gambling Commission has said on its website: The Gambling Commission is required to contribute to the Report as part of its supervisory duties and includes the Licensing, Compliance and Enforcement work the Commission […]

UKGC speech summarises present regulatory priorities including collection of participation & prevalence statistics

The Gambling Commission’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Gardner, has today (25 November 2021) delivered the following speech at the 2021 Bacta Annual Convention. Bacta is the Trade Association for the amusement and gaming machine industry in the UK. I’m Sarah Gardner, Deputy Chief Executive for the Gambling Commission and let me start by passing […]

UKGC calls for help in improving its participation & prevalence statistics

A blog by Ben Haden, the Gambling Commission’s Director of Research and Statistics, entitled ‘Help us improve our statistics’, has been published on the Commission’s website in which he reflects on what what is described as “some thought-provoking engagement” at the start of the Commission’s pilot phase for its new approach to collecting statistics on […]

Reflections on Safer Gambling Week 2021

In this month’s ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News, entitled ‘Reflections on Safer Gambling Week’ (that you can download below), David Clifton: welcomes the more open style of engagement with the outside world adopted by the new Gambling Commission CEO, Andrew Rhodes, following his appointment to that role in June this year, ponders potential consequences of […]

UKGC consultation on changes to its Licensing, Compliance & Enforcement Policy explained

The Gambling Commission has today (18 November 2021) commenced a consultation on changes and updates to its Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement Policy. The consultation (that you can download below) will run until 9 February 2022. Introducing this consultation, the Commission states as follows: The Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement Policy (the Policy) builds on the Gambling Commission’s […]

BGC hails Safer Gambling Week 2021 as a “huge success”

The Betting and Gaming Council has described Safer Gambling Week 2021 (that ran between 1 and 7 November 2021) as a “huge success”, confirming that this year’s campaign has broken all previous records. Its website news item published today (17 November 2021) reads as follows: SAFER GAMBLING WEEK 2021 HAILED ‘HUGE SUCCESS’ AS NEW FIGURES […]