Better the devil you know ….

David Clifton’s current monthly Licensing Expert article for SBC News – entitled “Better the devil you know ….” summarises key regulatory developments affecting the gambling industry since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, with a particular focus on marketing and advertising of gambling, including:

David’s article (that you can download below) takes its title from his reference to oral evidence given earlier this week to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee committee by Gambling Commission CEO, Neil McArthur, when he said that “there has been a noticeable change in tone at the top on the part of major operators how they commit themselves to safer gambling – they get it and understand the need – and a shift in mindset from the language of responsible gambling (where the onus is on the individual to keep themselves safe) to safer gambling …. an acceptance of their responsibility to keep players safe”.

Commenting on this, David suggests within his article:

That’s worth bearing in mind with the government review of the Gambling Act 2005 still set to commence in the not too distant future. Given the inevitable criticisms that will be heaped upon the gambling industry and regulator alike when that review takes place with calls from some for a new regulator with even greater enforcement powers, it may yet be a case of the industry coming to regard the Gambling Commission as ‘better the devil you know ….’