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A focus on fines

Comments by David Clifton are featured in an EGR Intel article entitled ‘Fine with that: Are the UKGC’s punishments befitting of operators’ shortcomings?’. The subheading to the article reads as follows: “Three major firms were fined a total of £13.7m by the UKGC in the space of 22 days in March, and with more potentially […]

The twists and turns of political rhetoric

A ‘Comment’ piece by David Clifton entitled ‘The twists and turns of political rhetoric’ is published in the current (25 March 2022) edition of Coinslot (pictured below), in which David picks up on comments made by Chris Philp MP, the DCMS Minister with responsibility for gambling, in his keynote speech at the Gambling Reform Rally on 9 […]

The story behind a tragic story

In his current monthly ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News, entitled ‘The story behind a tragic story’, David Clifton concludes that it is inevitable that the coroner’s conclusions in the inquest into the tragic suicide of Jack Ritchie will feature in the forthcoming debates on gambling law reform following publication of the Government’s Gambling Act […]

Thoughts on the APBGG Report on the Competence & Effectiveness of the UKGC

David Clifton’s current monthly ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News is entitled ‘Thoughts on the APBGG Report on the Competence and Effectiveness of the Gambling Commission’, a subject on which many other commentators have steered clear following the Betting & Gaming Council and even certain members of the Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group distancing […]

Those were the forecasts that were

In this month’s ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News, entitled ‘Those were the forecasts that were’ (that you can download below), David Clifton goes back to his December 2020 article for SBC News entitled “Ten forecasts and a hope for 2021” to find out how accurate those forecasts have turned out to be twelve months later. He concludes that, in […]

Give Rhodes a chance to reform our regulator

Comments made by David Clifton in his November 2021 Licensing Expert article for SBC News are quoted in a Coinslot International article entitled ‘Clifton: Give Rhodes a chance to reform our regulator’, published today 17 December 2021. You can download the Coinslot International article below.

Reflections on Safer Gambling Week 2021

In this month’s ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News, entitled ‘Reflections on Safer Gambling Week’ (that you can download below), David Clifton: welcomes the more open style of engagement with the outside world adopted by the new Gambling Commission CEO, Andrew Rhodes, following his appointment to that role in June this year, ponders potential consequences of […]

This month’s ‘burning question’ answered

Clifton Davies director, David Clifton, and Dan Waugh (partner of Regulus Partners) answer the burning question in this month’s EGR ‘Big Debate’, namely “In light of a parliamentary inquiry into the Gambling Commission, is the UK regulator fit for purpose?” That question is directly linked to an investigation into “the competence and effectiveness of the […]

CB100 pathways through gaming and beyond, with David Clifton

David Clifton has been interviewed by CasinoBeats (for an article entitled ‘CB100 pathways through gaming and beyond, with David Clifton’) on how the last 40+ years have led him to his current position as Director and Co-Founder (with Suzanne Davies) of Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited. If you wish to know David’s answers to the following […]

The Waves Are About To Get Rougher ….

David Clifton’s current ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News is entitled ‘The Waves Are About To Get Rougher ….’, with David looking back to the 2001 Gambling Review Body Report, whose authors summed up their recommendations to the Government as follows: Our proposals generally move in the direction of allowing greater freedom for the individual to […]