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Gambling can’t hide from its spotlight

In this month’s ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News entitled “Gambling can’t hide from its spotlight” (that you can download below), David Clifton comments on last week’s DCMS announcement of an independent review into the collapse of Football Index. Crucially, that review will include an assessment of the decisions and actions of the Gambling Commission. […]

Link between Football Index Collapse and UKGC CEO’s departure comes under scrutiny

Subscribers to EGR Intel can access here a pay-gated article entitled “Pressure situation: The under-fire UK Gambling Commission feels the strain”, that includes comments by David Clifton and others in relation to the following issue: “The high-profile collapse of Football Index has led to accusations that the UKGC was ‘asleep at the wheel’. But where does […]

An open and shut case?

In her article for the March/April 2021 edition of Pub & Bar, entitled “An Open and Shut case?” (that you can download below), Suzanne Davies explains what’s behind the second Judicial Review application brought by Sacha Lord and Hugh Osmond against the government. Matters in that respect have moved on since Suzanne wrote her article. Although […]

“No Jab, No Entry” – Call for Evidence Update

As mentioned in an Update to our previous “No Jab, No Entry” website posting, on 15 March 2021 the Cabinet Office commenced a three-question consultation (that will run until 11.45pm on 29 March 2021) in which it issues a call for evidence to inform its review into whether COVID-status certification could play a role in […]

No jab, no entry?

A ‘Feature’ article by David Clifton and Suzanne Davies for (entitled ‘No jab, no entry?’) explores grounds on which a pub or bar might be able turn away customers on the basis of a ‘No Vaccine, No Face-Mask, No Entry, No Service’ rule. This inspiration for this article arose from a series of questions […]

Clifton Davies UK Gambling Regulation article – “That was the year that was, but what’s coming next?”

A “UK Gambling Regulation” article by David Clifton (written in December 2020) – entitled “That was the year that was, but what’s coming next?” – features in the newly published WhichBingo Online Bingo Annual Report 2021. The preface to the article states: We constantly write about operators, brands, and affiliates struggling to keep abreast of […]

Lease protections – More moratorium or no more moratorium?

A ‘Legal page’ article for (entitled ‘Lease protections – More moratorium or no more moratorium?’) features David Clifton and Suzanne Davies quizzing Real Estate litigation specialist Daniel Swimer of Joelson solicitors on what happens after current Covid-19 related business lease protections for tenants end on 31 March 2021 (if indeed they will). You can […]

Gambling Commission dominates early 2021 headlines

In this month’s Licensing Expert article for SBC News, entitled “Gambling Commission Dominates Early 2021 Headlines” (that you download below), David Clifton focuses not only on all that has emanated from the UKGC in just the last week or so but also all other UK relevant gambling regulatory issues that have arisen so far in […]

Is the UKGC doing enough to justify increasing licence and application fees payable by operators?

Comments by David Clifton feature in an EGR Intel article entitled “Footing the bill: are operators paying for the UKGC’s regulatory shortcomings?” The article focuses on proposals for very considerably increased Gambling Commission fees, contained in a DCMS consultation published on 29 January 2021 that runs until 25 March 2021. Addressing EGR’s question: “Is the […]