Changes to society lottery and ELM operating licence requirements

The Gambling Commission has commenced a consultation (downloadable below) that will run until 30 September 2017 relating to proposed changes intended to make it easier for consumers to understand where money raised from society lottery ticket sales is going. You can also download the response form below.

Included in the proposed new rules for society lottery operators and external lottery managers (“ELMs”) are the following new requirements:

  • provision of greater clarity to consumers before they buy a lottery ticket about exactly which society or charity the lottery proceeds are going to, and
  • publication of information about how much money raised from lottery ticket sales is being returned directly for the purposes of the society.

The consultation also:

  • addresses what the Commission views as an ‘instant win’ and ‘low frequency lottery’,
  • incorporates recent changes to the remote technical standards required by online gambling businesses, and
  • contains updates relating to changes to regulatory data collection requirements.