Closure of Clifton Davies Consultancy

It is with a twinge of sadness, many thanks to clients old and new for their loyalty, friendship and support, and a large degree of optimism for all that lies ahead (as well as great appreciation to each other for all that has been achieved in our last 25 years of working together) that David Clifton and Suzanne Davies announce the closure of Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited with effect from 30 September 2022.

David and Suzanne join together in wishing all of their clients and friends in the hospitality, leisure and gambling industries every success and, through their future respective endeavours, they anticipate remaining in contact with a good many of you.

We will continue to monitor our and emails until further notice and will remain contactable on our respective phone numbers and email addresses set out below:

So please do stay in contact.

With our very best wishes

David & Suzanne


  1. SBC News reported the above in its 3 October 2022 news item entitled ‘Clifton Davies closes legal consultancy’ (that you can download below). In response to numerous queries raised following announcement of the closure, David Clifton can confirm that he will be continuing to write his monthly ‘Licensing Expert’ articles for SBC News [See update 3 below].
  2. EGR was also kind enough to report on the business closure in its article of the same date entitled: ‘Clifton Davies Consultancy to pack up shop after almost a decade – David Clifton and Suzanne Davies bring an end to firm after working together for 25 years’. You can also download that article below.
  3. David Clifton’s final ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News in his capacity as a director of Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited – entitled ‘So What Comes Next?’ – was published on 25 October 2022. You can download a copy of that article below.