Consequential changes arising from all UKGC staff now working from home

The Gambling Commission has today published the following notification on its website:

COVID-19 and licence applications

All of our colleagues are now working from home. This will mean some changes are required to ensure we can continue to determine applications in Licensing.

Operating Licences, New, Variations and Changes

We kindly ask that you do not send in any company related documentation by post, please scan and send in via email to your Account Manager, if original documents are required. Many relevant company related documents will already be PDFs of electronic documents so please continue to provide these by email.

Applications are a priority for Licensing and although our teams are working from home, we have set up steps and processes to ensure we can proceeds with applications should anyone fall ill or become unable to work.

We will work hard to continue a good level of service, but please do bear with us should we experience increased levels of absence.