Current Gambling Commission response times

We are regularly asked by clients how long it will take the Gambling Commission to process an application or respond to communications. Those timescales are dependent upon the application in question being complete, including provision of all required supporting documentation.

According to the Commission, its current response times are as follows:

  • Written contacts from licensees: 15 working days
  • Written contacts from consumers: 20 working days
  • Operating Licence new applications: 16 weeks
  • Operating Licence applications to vary: 5 days (in the case of applications to vary head office address, operating and/or trading names) to 8 weeks (otherwise)
  • Change of Corporate Control applications: 12 weeks
  • Personal Licence new applications: 8 weeks
  • Personal Licence applications to vary: 5 days
  • Personal Licence Maintenance checks: 16 weeks