David Clifton expresses little surprise at AML and SR crackdown on online casino operators

The lead news item in the January 2018 edition of Online Gambling Lawyer entitled “GB Gambling Commission warns online casino operators on approach to AML and social responsibility”, in which David Clifton is quoted, can now be downloaded below.

The news item relates to the letter sent by the Gambling Commission on 4 January 2018 to all online casino operators licensed by it, raising concerns about the sector’s approach to anti-money laundering and social responsibility and setting out the actions the remote casino sector is required to take with immediate effect. David is quoted as saying about that:  “I am not the slightest bit surprised that this has happened now. Indeed, if I am surprised at all, it is that it has not happened before now. Whilst responsible operators have been working hard to improve their anti-money laundering and social responsibility controls over the last three or four years, too many others – including operators who came through the transition licensing process in 2014 – have taken an unrealistically optimistic view that the Gambling Commission may not direct its regulatory focus against smaller operators”.

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Download article PDF: OGL January 2018

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