David Clifton to interview BGC Chair at KnowNow Responsible Marketing conference in October 2020

KnowNow Limited is holding its 3rd Annual Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators conference on 15 & 16 October 2020.

However, reflecting the precautionary approach required by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year it will take the form of a “hybrid conference”. KnowNow describes this as follows:

There will be capacity to attend the event live in London or online as a digital delegate. The room will be set up to allow for social distancing and all safety measures will be observed. Running the conference as a hybrid allows us to move towards something like normality but also enables our valued customers who are unable to travel or not yet ready to be there in person to take part.

[UPDATE: Following developments in relation to COVID-19 restrictions, KnowNow Limited has decided to make this year’s Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators conference an entirely digital conference, as confirmed in its “event update” that you can download below] 

David Clifton will be opening Day 2 of the conference (at 9.40am 16 October) with a “Keynote Interview”, in which he will discuss with Brigid Simmonds (Chair of the Betting and Gaming Council) “the role of responsible marketing for a responsible industry”. This will follow on from David’s “fireside chat” with Brigid at KnowNow’s “Social responsibility for gambling operators” conference in January 2020.

KnowNow describes the forthcoming Responsible Marketing conference as follows:

Marketing responsibly is a big focus for the gambling industry, regulators, lawmakers and the general public. There are many rules and regulations involved in the marketing of gambling products some of which are enforced on the industry and others have been entered into on a voluntary basis.

The APPG looking at gambling related harm recently included a total prohibition on advertising in its final report of recommendations for regulatory change in the UK. Whilst we have seen other jurisdictions such as Spain push through legislation to restrict gambling advertising rather than banning it outright.

Experts estimate that betting companies spent somewhere in the region of £200m on TV advertising and £1bn online last year.  This indicates that digital marketing and social media in particular is now a well established channel for marketers looking to attract new business and create brand loyalty.. However when you are working in an industry that is subject to regulation and has a duty of care to protect the young and vulnerable it can be a minefield and the repercussions of getting it wrong can be very wide reaching indeed.

This two day event is a must for anyone interested in sustainable, responsible marketing practices. It is designed to bridge the gap between commercial considerations and operating within a player protection culture.

The complete conference agenda and registration information can be found here. David looks forward to seeing clients and friends from the industry (a) in person at the conference and (b) attending the conference online.


  1. You can now view online here (and download below) KnowNow’s summary of some of the principal speakers at the forthcoming Responsible Marketing conference (including David)
  2. You can also view here (and download below) KnowNow’s preview of David’s forthcoming Keynote Interview with Brigid Simmonds

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