David Clifton to moderate “Brand Control – Working with Affiliates” session at SBC Digital Summit

David Clifton will be moderating the “Brand Control – Working with Affiliates” panel session during the Digital Marketing Day at the SBC Digital Summit between 11.20am and 12.00pm on Friday 1 May 2020.

Discussing with David how tight a rein operators need to hold when it comes to their marketing partners, his panellists will be:

  • Eitan Gorodetsky, Director of Acquisition, Betsson Group,
  • Marcos Oliveira, Chief Affiliate Officer, Clever Advertising Group and
  • Ivan Liashenko, Chief Marketing Officer, Parimatch

The SBC Digital Summit (that takes place between Monday 27 April and Friday 1 May 2020) is described by the organisers, SBC Events, as “the world’s largest online event in betting and gaming”.

Its website  summarises as follows what delegates can expect:

The SBC Digital Summit is a truly groundbreaking online event for the betting and gaming industry, which will deliver a fully virtual and interactive conference, exhibition and networking experience to delegates around the world.

Our industry is facing an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 emergency and, more than ever before, has to work together to make it through the crisis. The SBC Digital Summit was created to offer a unique and much needed opportunity, sidestepping postponed physical events and travel restrictions to provide a platform for the industry to connect and share knowledge.

It features the most comprehensive agenda ever seen for an online event, with 140 leading industry executives outlining their vision of how the sector can bounce back from the Coronavirus-related disruption and sharing valuable business insights at a time when both operators and the supply chain most need them.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, delegates will also be able to browse a virtual exhibition with leading suppliers showcasing their latest innovations and benefit from a fully interactive virtual networking space that allows them to connect directly with each other in groups or 1-to-1.

The following information is available online:

  • The event brochure can be found here
  • The full agenda for the SBC Digital Summit can be found here
  • FAQ can be found here
  • Registration details can be found here

David looks forward to ‘e-meeting’ clients together with other friends and colleagues at the SBC Digital Summit, so do please contact him by email at [email protected] if you are planning to attend.


1. Following, as it does (a) publication by European Gambling Associations of Safer Online Gambling And Responsible Advertising guidance and (b) the voluntary cessation by BGC members of TV & radio gaming advertising during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, David’s above-mentioned panel session will include consideration of the following questions:

  • Bearing in mind current circumstances, past failings by marketing affiliates (raising questions about their social conscience) and an increased regulatory focus on online/social media advertising of gambling, how difficult is it for licensed online operators to manage their relationships with marketing affiliates?
  • What changes in affiliate management controls have been introduced recently and how do operators evaluate their effectiveness?
  • How effectively can operators stop affiliates from marketing black market websites (including monitoring their activities)?
  • How difficult is it to understand (and to get affiliates to understand) differing gambling marketing/advertising requirements in different jurisdictions, e.g. Sweden’s requirement for “proportionate advertising”?
  • By July, the UK will see introduction of an Affiliate Code of Conduct intended to achieve safer gambling online through effective use of ad-tech. This will be updated regularly. How big a challenge will it be to (a) test affiliates’ ability to abide that Code and (b) monitor compliance by affiliates?
  • Would it be better for operators and affiliates alike if all affiliates also had to be licensed?
  • To place concerns about gambling advertising in perspective, is there any basis for the often quoted criticism that the current coronavirus lockdowns are leading to an “explosion of online gambling”?
  • Should operators fear imposition of compulsory total gambling advertising prohibitions now (during the COVID-19 lockdown) or in the future?

2. David’s panel session is featured in an article by CasinoBeats entitled “Marcos Oliveira – It’s just good business to be fully compliant” as reported on our website here.