David Clifton and Suzanne Davies to feature prominently in Player Protection Forum 2020

KnowNow Limited has announced that both principals of Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited will be featuring prominently in this year’s Player Protection Forum, taking place in London on 21 May 2020.

You can read KnowNow’s announcement here. You can also download it below.

As was the case with last year’s Player Protection Forum:

  • David Clifton will be chairing the conference throughout the day and
  • he and Suzanne Davies will be jointly presenting the opening “Player Protection Landscape” session.

Of highly topical interest in the same year that a review of the UK’s current gambling legislation is taking place, this year’s Player Protection Forum promises to be not only as excellent a conference as it was last year but even more timely.

Reflecting themes that will inevitably feature in that review will be the following conference sessions:

  • Addressing the VIP issue – Inducements to gamble, loyalty rewards and what we might expect from the code of conduct
  • Player protection and game design – What should our customers know about the relative risk levels of the games they play and how should we communicate this to them?
  • Panel – It’s been said that gambling harm is a public health issue not a public relations issue. What does this actually mean for us as operators and how should it change our approach to player protection?
  • Psychology of problem gambling in women – time to take note as statistics show the number of female problem gamblers increasing at a faster rate than men
  • Prevention of gambling harms through education initiatives
  • Panel – How do we get our commercial teams to work closely with player protection and build it into the core of our business rather than simply seeing it as an annoying box to tick?

We encourage attendance at this conference whilst an opportunity still exists for UK licensed industry operators and suppliers, gambling regulators, industry sector trade bodies, professional service providers, problem gambling treatment providers and others involved in the gambling industry to influence the outcome of the forthcoming review of the Gambling Act 2005 by making gambling safer for consumers.

Player Protection Forum registration details can be found here with “Early Bird” tickets presently available, representing a very considerable cost-saving.


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We will add relevant material to this list of Clifton Davies website postings in the period leading up to the Player Protection Forum on 21 May 2020.

UPDATE: Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the Player Protection Forum has been postponed to 9 July 2020