Is Downing Street to spearhead reforms pursuant to the forthcoming review of the Gambling Act 2005?

Comments by David Clifton feature in an EGR Intel article entitled “Implications for the industry if Downing Street spearheads gambling reform”.

The sub-heading within the EGR article – “The Guardian suggests Boris Johnson will take a direct role in rewriting gambling legislation, but is the prime minister about to bite off more than he can chew?” – stems from a 20 September 2020 Guardian article entitled “Downing Street to spearhead gambling reforms, say insiders“, in which its is claimed that “Downing Street has taken control of the upcoming review of gambling legislation, due to be launched within weeks, amid a growing appetite for sweeping reform of the industry from Boris Johnson and his closest advisers”.

Commenting for EGR on the Guardian story, David is quoted as follows:

It has become very much open to question whether government policy on Covid-19 – steered by Johnson and Cummings – has truly been “following the science” or, alternatively, doing what best suits the government’s own interests. If Number 10 is also to steer the government’s path through its imminent review of gambling legislation, one can’t help but wonder whether a similar question might arise, namely will Johnson andCummings truly be following the evidence? That becomes even more concerning if it is really the case that thePM just sees gambling as “people being exploited”, as is suggested in The Guardian’s article.

Other comments within the EGR article (that you can download below) on the same subject-matter are made by Dan Waugh of Regulus Partners, Warwick Bartlett of GBGC, Simon Bernholt of Wiggin and Melanie Ellis of Northridge Law LLP.