Fiveyards’ operating licence suspended by the UKGC

The Gambling Commission has published (on 2 July 2021) an Information Notice relating to the suspension of the remote operating licence held by PlayerFT Limited (trading as Fiveyards).

Given that the licence was granted over a year ago (on 19 June 2020), it is surprising that one of the grounds for suspension is the licence-holder’s failure to integrate with GAMSTOP, notwithstanding that:

It is also worthy of note that the above-mentioned blog describes Fiveyards as having “clear similarities” to “the ‘old’ Football Index”.

The Information Notice reads as follows:

Information notice – Suspension of licence – PlayerFT Limited

02 July 2021

The Gambling Commission has instigated a review under s116 of the Gambling Act 2005 (“the Act”) into PlayerFT Limited (t/a Fiveyards) (operating licence no 056717-R-332721-001).

The review follows concerns that activities may have been carried out in breach of the conditions of their licence, that PlayerFT Limited may be unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities, and that a licensed activity is being carried on in a manner which is inconsistent with the licensing objectives.

Pursuant to section 118(2) of the Act, the Commission has also determined to suspend the above operating licence as a direct result of PlayerFT failing to integrate with the national multi-operator self-exclusion scheme, GAMSTOP.

We have made it clear to the operator that during the course of the suspension, we expect it to focus on treating consumers fairly and keeping them fully informed of any developments which impact them.

The suspension does not prevent the operator from allowing consumers to access their accounts and withdrawing funds. PlayerFT can be contacted via its website.

The suspension of PlayerFT Limited takes effect immediately.

UPDATE: On 8 July 2021, PlayerFT Limited surrendered its Gambling Commission operating licence.