Forthcoming changes to the Gambling Commission’s e-Services

The Gambling Commission has announced the following forthcoming improvements to its eServices for licensed gambling businesses:

  • Online payments: From 1 September 2018, the Commission will only accept annual fee payments online via e-Services or via BACS. It has published a 90-second YouTube video explaining how to pay online.
  • Change your email address and password: From 20 August 2018, you will be able to change (via the main hub page of your portal) your email address and password for e-Services without contacting the Commission.
  • Key events and LCCP notification attachments: From 28 August 2018, you will have the ability to include attachments to your key event or LCCP notifications. You will no longer be able to send key event attachments to the Commission by email after 24 September 2018.
  • Making changes to your licence: You can make changes to your existing licence through eServices. The Commission makes the point that applying through eServices is quicker and easier than sending hard copy forms and you can make the payment immediately online. Variation applications for an (a) increase or decrease in licensed activity and (b) addition or removal of a licensed activity can be made through eServices, but the Commission points out that, if you want to vary your fee category, this must be done in advance of your annual fee due date