Gambling advertising – turn down the volume or turn it off?

As previously reported, David Clifton was honoured to be invited by the Gaming Regulators European Forum (“GREF”) to deliver their annual lecture. He duly did so during ICE week on 5 February 2019.

GREF has kindly agreed that we can publish David’s lecture on our website. Entitled “Gambling advertising – turn down the volume or turn it off?”, it can be downloaded below.

As David said in his lecture:

  • the first meaningful expansion of the evidence base in relation to the impact of gambling advertising on children, young people and the vulnerable will take place within the next few months with the publication of new GambleAware research findings on that subject (the RGSB research brief for which can also be downloaded below) and
  • it is to be hoped that those research findings will serve to inform a rather more serious debate than has been played out on the pages of the national press in the recent past.

With gambling regulators from across Europe present in the audience for the lecture, it is a great shame that they were not joined by any representative from the UK Gambling Commission, particularly as the lecture was being delivered on “home turf”. However, as has been reported by Gambling Compliance, the Commission’s reason for non-attendance at ICE this year was because it will instead “focus its resources on its own projects for engaging with the industry”.