Gambling Commission dominates early 2021 headlines

In this month’s Licensing Expert article for SBC News, entitled “Gambling Commission Dominates Early 2021 Headlines” (that you download below), David Clifton focuses not only on all that has emanated from the UKGC in just the last week or so but also all other UK relevant gambling regulatory issues that have arisen so far in 2021.

David also spells out lessons to be learned by all UK-licensed gambling operators following the more than £1.3million regulatory settlement concluded on 28 January 2021 between the UKGC and White Hat Gaming Limited following identification by the former of licence breaches and AML & safer gambling failings. That case provides a classic example of how careful forward planning by operators in advance of a UKGC compliance assessment can possibly avoid such situations arising in the first place.

In that respect, David’s article:

  • sets out what the UKGC will:
    • ask to see in advance of a compliance assessment commencing,
    • expect to see and hear about during the compliance assessment and
    • be looking for in terms of typical regulatory failings;
  • explains how to avoid common pitfalls; and
  • suggests how operators can set about improving their corporate governance frameworks (including in relation to internal controls).