Gambling Commission invites applications for Regulatory Settlement funding

On 4 May 2022, the Gambling Commission published guidance around submitting a proposal for Regulatory Settlement funding.

As the Commission explains on its website here:

When the Commission takes regulatory action against a gambling operator, an outcome of that action can include a payment in lieu of the financial penalty the Commission might otherwise impose for breach of a licence condition. This is set in accordance with the Statement of Principles for Determining Financial Penalties. We publish the details of those enforcement cases and regulatory settlements on our news page. For more information, see our approach to regulating the gambling industry.

A regulatory settlement can include payment to an organisation for socially responsible purposes …. The Commission reviews proposals for destinations of regulatory settlements …. Under the terms of a settlement, there is to be no publicity or benefit for the operator in connection with the regulatory settlement.

Commenting in its guidance who might have a prospect of qualifying for regulatory settlement funds, the Commission states:

Most organisations who submit proposals are in the third sector or public sector. Regulatory settlement funds must be used for socially responsible purposes and the Gambling Commission has an expectation that research, evaluation, or materials produced will be publicly accessible. This means regulatory settlement funds are not usually suitable for commercial organisations unless working in partnership with other bodies.

The Commission:

  • has published on its website here a list of projects dating back to March 2019 that have been approved as destinations of regulatory settlements, although whilst those projects have been approved as destinations, some have not yet received funds,
  • is now inviting ‘Stage One’ applications for Regulatory Settlement funding from suitable applicants, with a deadline for completed such applications of midnight on Friday 1 July 2022,
  • says that applications for ‘Stage Two’ and the next round of ‘Stage One’ applications will be announced in due course (and will be updated on this webpage),
  • recommends that applicants:
    • review the Commission’s guidance before submitting a proposal for Regulator Settlement funding and
    • are aware of the deadlines within which such proposals are submitted, and
  • advises those wanting to know more about the group that will make the decisions about these proposals to review their Terms of Reference.

Including explanations what Regulatory Settlement funds are, the criteria for proposals and what is involved in both making a proposal and the subsequent decision-making process, the full contents of the guidance (and links to each part) are listed below:

You can download below:

  • a copy of the Commission’s full guidance
  • a Stage One application form – Regulatory Settlements
  • a Stage Two application form – Regulatory Settlements
  • the Commission’s ‘Statement of Principles for Determining Financial Penalties’