Gambling faces a pivotal moment

David Clifton’s monthly Licensing Expert article for SBC News – published today (31 March 2020) and entitled “Gambling faces a pivotal moment” (that you can download below) – focuses on the online gambling sector’s opportunity, in the face of the coronavirus crisis, to prove to the public, the press and parliament that it can be trusted to look after its customers and to prioritise their health and well-being above pure profit motive.

David expresses the view that: “The forthcoming government review of the Gambling Act 2005 is likely to be postponed but it has not been cancelled. If the online sector gets it right now, it will be in a far stronger position to fight its corner during that review process. If it gets it wrong, it might as well throw in the towel now”.

His article outlines what online operators should be doing now in order to meet the UK Gambling Commission’s expectations and what is likely to happen if they fail to do so. It goes on to identify other coronavirus-related regulatory issues for operators to immediately look out for, as well as other relevant developments that have occurred within the last few weeks (each of which have also been reported on this website).

Since David wrote his article, further relevant developments include:


  1. In his article, David referred to the gambling industry learning soon what progress has been made by each of the industry working groups on safer products, use of VIP incentives and safer advertising online. On 1 April 2020 (one day after publication of David’s article), the recommendations of those working groups were published, together with the Gambling Commission’s response to them. We have reported separately on that here.
  2. David’s above article has also been republished on the website of the International Association of Gaming Advisors as “Online gambling faces a pivotal moment”, a copy of which can also be downloaded below.