GamCare publishes its Annual Review 2020-21

GamCare has published its Trustee’s Annual Review for 2020/21 (that you can download below, together with supporting material), detailing the charity’s work over the past year.

Commenting on on this on its website, GamCare has stated as follows:

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, GamCare reached more people than ever, providing 24/7, year-round support to people affected by gambling harms, through to the National Gambling Helpline, and its online support services. Throughout the year, there has been a 9% increase to calls and chats, with 42,000 calls and chats answered. The number of actual treatment sessions and assessments increased by 14%, to over 55,000 sessions provided.  

In May, GamCare launched a new three-strategy, to drive its work through to 2024. This year has been an incredible period of change, growth, and of course, recent challenge, where GamCare has continued to expand, develop, learn, and ultimately meet the needs of more people experiencing gambling related harm.  

Find out more about our 2020/21 highlights below: 

  • Despite an initial decline in the volume of calls during the first lockdown, likely due to privacy issues in the home, and restricted physical access to services, GamCare subsequently received more calls than ever coming through to the National Gambling Helpline. 
  • GamCare saw a 9% increase to calls and chats, answering around 42,000 calls and chats throughout the year. The number of actual treatment sessions and assessments increased by 14%, to over 55,000 sessions provided. 
  • 95% of National Gambling Helpline users would recommend the Helpline to someone else and 100% of service users would recommend the treatment services to someone else.  
  • In treatment, contact was maintained with over 10,000 people receiving treatment. 
  • Nearly 15,000 professionals working with at risk individuals received gambling awareness training (up 64% on the previous year). 
  • This year, 79% of service users successfully completed their treatment programmes. 
  • In October 2020, GamCare introduced the Young People Service, with a team of dedicated practitioners offering safe and effective support and treatment for 11 to 18-year olds across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

As GamCare reaches the final year of the three-year strategy, here are highlights from 2018/19 to 2020/21: 

  • Over the last three years, GamCare has supported over 100,000 people across the National Gambling Helpline, online, and treatment services. 
  • The number of people supported has increased by 10% every year. 
  • Over three years, 70% of service users successfully completed their treatment programmes. 
  • 27,000+ services users engaged in specialist treatment for gambling harm over the past three years. 
  • GamCare has worked with 35 gambling brands, across 13 businesses, who are working towards or have achieved the Safer Gambling Standard, an independent quality mark protecting people from experiencing gambling-related harm, by assessing gambling businesses. 

Anna Hemmings, Chief Executive of GamCare, has said:

Despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, this year we have reached more people than ever. For those harmed by gambling, this was a particularly challenging year, in which the isolation, stress and money worries may have been amplified by the pandemic.

We are proud of all our teams, who have shown great resilience throughout, and who have continued to demonstrate their passion and commitment to the work that we do. This meant GamCare was available 24/7, year-round, to offer support to people affected by gambling harms. 

Over the next three years, we want to continue to raise awareness of the impact of gambling harms and expand our services to make lasting and positive changes.

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