GRH APPG & Peers for Gambling Reform refine their list of gambling reform demands

As reported by The Telegraph on 24 November 2021, a letter from the Gambling Related Harm APGG and Peers For Gambling Reform addressed to the Prime Minister has called on him “to be bold in delivering the gambling reforms that are urgently needed to prevent gambling harm across the country”, adding:

We are calling on you to seize what is likely to be a once in a generation chance to change our gambling laws by delivering meaningful reform. To that end the government must ensure:

  • the introduction of limits for on-line gambling comparable to those for off-line gambling
  • clear assessments are made of what is an affordable level for people to gamble
  • so-called VIP schemes are properly regulated and inducements to gamble are outlawed
  • there are much stricter controls on gambling advertising
  • the replacement of the voluntary levy with a statutory ‘smart’ levy on operators to fund research, education and treatment
  • the establishment of a gambling ombudsman to provide an effective means for consumer redress
  • an overhaul of the regulatory system to provide strong oversight of a rapidly evolving and fast grown industry
  • loot boxes, which develop gambling in children, are included within gambling legislation

It is important to note that members of this group are not opposed to properly regulated gambling. However, we do identify and acknowledge many problems, especially for those who become addicted to gambling, and ask you to act urgently to prevent gambling harm across the country.

UPDATE: Insightful comments on the above letter are made by Regulus Partners in an SBC News article entitled “Anti-gambling lobby makes bold move for Boris full attention”