Further guidance on gambling advertising and children

Following unprecedented joint action last month by the Gambling Commission, the Committee of Advertising Practice, the Advertising Standards Authority and the Remote Gambling Association to prevent gambling advertisements appealing to children and subsequent publication of guidance on the meaning of “particularly appealing to children“, the ASA and CAP have held a webinar that emphasised that immediate action was necessary to ensure that ads for gambling that hold particular appeal to children are not seen in freely accessible space, in particular, on an operator’s own website.

Gambling operators were warned by the ASA and CAP on 16 November 2017 to exercise caution and were reminded that:

  • the CAP Copy Advice team are available to provide specific advice on ads to operators and
  • if an operator is in any doubt as to whether an advertisement might appeal particularly to children, they must amend or remove it,

on the basis that this not only protects under-18s but helps prevent an operator’s brand reputation, and that of the sector, from serious risk.

In addition to watching the online webinar, operators can read the CAP Advice articles on:

each of which can be downloaded below.


Download article PDF: CAP Gambling Webinar Q&A